Root Work

Tree Root aeration and pruning


Root Airation with an “Air Pick”

It is often the case that trees that look in poor condition do not necessarily need to be removed. Often the cause of this is compacted soil around the base of the tree; this means there can be a lack of air, water and nutrients getting to the roots. This can be solved by using our Root Aeration System, which involves compressed air being released in short bursts from a perforated spike inserted at specified intervals around the base of the tree. This fractures the compacted soil, opening channels to the roots and thus facilitates improvements in the health of the tree. At this stage decisions can be made whether additional nutrients or watering will help the tree.


Air spade excavation work

Our Air Spades are accompanied by fully trained, experienced Arborists who can undertake removal of excavated spoil or reinstatement of excavated areas.

Air spades are increasingly requested for use in areas demanding a very special approach to root investigation, excavation, and soil decompaction / aeration within the root systems of trees. The Air Spade is a remarkable and effective tool.

The Air Spade is particularly useful for root investigation and excavations or when working in areas containing services or tree roots, which could be damaged by conventional digging. 
Using compressed air we can expose roots and services without damage, so that they can be located, inspected and bypassed. Such conscientious excavation can facilitate service runs and foundations installed within the root systems of trees.

When compaction has occurred, Air Spades are used to de-compact / aerate soil. We have a number of methods to achieve aeration of soils. This soil aeration is used when soil decompaction is required, often after the traversing by plant/vehicles or even people.

Excavating root collars to regain the natural root/ soil level: Our teams are also utilised to carefully remove spoil that has been tipped on the root plates of trees.

Excavating root collars to regain the natural root/ soil level: Our teams are also utilised to carefully remove spoil that has been tipped on the root plates of trees.

Our Root work services also include:

Root pruning: When root pruning is required, using compressed air allows for pruning without damage to retained roots.

Trenching Near Trees:  Using an Air Spade, we can cut trenches very close to trees without the risk of damaging roots. This is especially helpful for irrigation, laying cables close to trees assessing the amount of roots in an area of where you may wish to dig foundations.

De-compacting or Restructuring Soil: Soils become compacted in high traffic areas. Constant pressure on the surface of the soil squeezes the small pores from the soil that hold air and water. Using an airspade we can till the soil and allow precious air and water back in without damaging tree roots. For an even more dramatic impact, we can incorporate organic matter and food into the soil.


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